Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring at the Bunker Farm

Happy Spring, I think it is finally here in Vermont. With the arrival of 10 lambs, with more to come, it is not hard to feel a little more springy and hopeful. One sheep dropped quadruplets and was so worn out we bottle fed the babies in the kitchen the first night. She took two back and we continue to feed the other two bottles six times a day. In the last week I learned how to milk a sheep, tube feed, and encourage nursing.

Gardening only just started for me, so for the long month of March we focused on harvesting locust posts, splitting firewood, and milling for various building projects. Mike has been very busy in the sugar bush. We had a slow start, but ended on a high note, delivering around 15,000 gallons of sap to a local sugar maker.

Noah has spent a fair amount of time logging trees on the property and running the mill. Here he is making siding for our barn restoration project.

Luckily our friend Avery arrived on the farm for a month and we put him to work replacing old carrying beams and siding.

I spent the month in the greenhouse building benches, setting up the heat, and sowing seeds. My father came and helped build a prototype bench and I built the remaining seven. I found galvanized, heavy gauge, woven panels to use as tops and built sturdy frames under them. I am very pleased with my tables!

And I have quickly outgrown the space!

On the other side we have greens galore, planted last autumn they all survived the arctic temperatures with no heat. They continue to amaze us and sustain us! The farm will be open Saturdays 10-5 all spring and summer. It is a good time to come and check out the animals and we will have meat, greens, and plants for sale. Hope to see you soon.

We also have a website (still under construction):