Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bath Botanical Gardens

We spent the day on the outskirts of Bath and visited the Victoria Botanical Gardens and Park. We had lunch at a very local pub where we ate a Sunday Roast with lots of simply cooked, but gorgeous vegetables. We were definitely the only tourists, which is always nice.

View from the north of the city, looking down towards the center.

Another fragrant daphnae, covered in blossoms and bees. I climbed into the garden in order to get a little closer. All the air around was full of its fragrance.

Cherry blossoms, looking across the park.

Under the eaves of the giant beech tree.

We think a Giant beech(?) tree.


Photinia serratifolia, beautiful shrubs and trees that have glossy red leaves as new growth and are just coming into bloom right now.

Jen in front of wooden carved statue.

Garrya elliptica 'James Roof'
Behind is a border of heathers and heaths in full bloom.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is a daphnae! It is so unbelievably fragrant, the scent fills the air.

Magnolia buds just beginning to open. Behind it is a cherry tree in full bloom.

More buds

This was a little planter box in Bath. The little evergreen shrub that is flowering is Skimmia japonica and is blooming all over England right now.

Jen loves the chimney flues on all of the rooftops.

A view from the Roman Baths, looking back on Bath Abby.

An overflow drain originally made by the Romans (part of the Roman Baths tour).

One of the Roman Baths.

Stained glass window inside the Bath Abby. When we went in there was a choir rehearsal going on. The entire church filled with heavenly voices that made me shiver.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Northern Cotswolds

The Malt House

We left London on Thursday morning and took the train to Moreton-in-Marsh, picked up a car, and drove to Chipping Camden. We had lunch at the Hicks and then traveled to Broad Campden to the Malt House where we stayed for the night. We then took a walk (see below pictures) from Broad Campden to Chipping Campden. It was a beautiful late afternoon, very warm, and we were so happy to be in the country. It was amazingly quiet, medieval and agricultural and I was the happiest I had been since arriving. Turns out I really am a country girl! We visited Hidcote Garden this morning so that my mom and sis could see it, it was incredible! I did not take any pictures of Hidcote, as I left my camera in the car, but I figured that there would be a few more chances.

Snowdrops and daylilies.

Jen behind the magnolia buds.

View along our walk.

Looking back on Chipping Camden.

More views along the walk....

Night falling on snow drops.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tate Modern

Painting by Joan Mitchell

We have been having a great time in London. Not actually planning very much, but finding ourselves seemingly in the right places at the right times. We spent last evening at Phantom of the Opera, which none of us had seen, and we really enjoyed it. We spent time at the Tower of London (totally fascinating) and also the Tate Modern (we had a great lunch with my aunt who was also visiting London this week) and we ran into a friend from Brattleboro who has been spending the last few months in Paris. Makes it all seem like such a small world. Anyway, we ate a delicious meal at the Rosso Pomodoro in Nottinghill this evening, which was recommended to us by a man riding his bike. All is well in London though we are looking forward to our time in the country.

Print by Picasso, etching and aquatint with lots of scraping.


This is completely amazing. We were at the Tate and we came across this piece about Putney VERMONT. An artist named Douglas Huebler came to Windham College in 1968 and did this project where he collected earth from 5 points radiating out from the center of Windham college (see posted map). Anyway, as I looked at the map, I am almost sure that the red house is on it!

This map is on its side. The CT river should be running along the bottom of the map. Rout 5 is the road running between point B and D.

A picture from the Tower of London compound.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

London, Day 1

Big Ben!

Qunice blooming in Hyde Park.

Cyclamen are blooming everywhere.

Very large and friendly swans in Hyde Park.

Hellebore along the flower walk.

Mother and sis along the flower walk.

Cherry Trees!

Side view of Westminster Abby.

All is well. We arrived safely and easily yesterday morning and spent the entire day running around the city. We are staying in Nottinghill at a friend's house and it is very nice and comfortable. We slept very well last night and are looking forward to our adventures today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Smith Botanical Gardens

These were some of the beauties I encountered at the Smith College Botanical Gardens greenhouses. Just like in California in winter, I am always surprised by just how much is blooming this time of year. These amazing plants just can't imagine the cold of a New England winter. Here are all the names of all the things I found. If you find this incredibly nerdy, just wait until I am in England.

Above: Thunbergia battiscombei

Camellia japonica 'Tam-No-Ura'

Rhododendron cubittii

Nerium Oleander (did not get the cultivar name)


Peperomia fraseri

This little gem was given to me by friend Sarah Gruver. It now has six blossoms blooming sort of horizontally from one another. It's name is Saxifraga cuscutaeformis (dwarf strawberry begonia).