Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is a daphnae! It is so unbelievably fragrant, the scent fills the air.

Magnolia buds just beginning to open. Behind it is a cherry tree in full bloom.

More buds

This was a little planter box in Bath. The little evergreen shrub that is flowering is Skimmia japonica and is blooming all over England right now.

Jen loves the chimney flues on all of the rooftops.

A view from the Roman Baths, looking back on Bath Abby.

An overflow drain originally made by the Romans (part of the Roman Baths tour).

One of the Roman Baths.

Stained glass window inside the Bath Abby. When we went in there was a choir rehearsal going on. The entire church filled with heavenly voices that made me shiver.

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