Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More plants on the Maine Coast

A few great plants found at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens....

Above: With all the summer rains, it has been a big year for frogs; they are in every garden and every little reflecting pool. Here this frog sits picturesquely on his pad while the water lily shows off in full bloom.

Clematis 'Multi-Blue'

Lonicera semprevirens 'John Clayton' blooming in time with the above clematis.

Vitis davidii (Spiny Vitis)
This incredible vine was covered in the most outrageous spines! Its large leaves were equally impressive.

Ruellia brittoniana (Mexican Petunia)

These are not actually Petunias and I think they resemble leggy impatiens?

Rudbekia maxima in all it glory!

Aralia cordata 'Sun King'

This is an incredible foliage plant, the chartreuse in the full sun looking so glorious, happy, and lush! An Aralia with great big, bright textured leaves and red stems, what is not to love?

Penstemon smallii

On the way out I spotted this Penstemon absolutely covered in bees.


  1. Great photos, Helen! I love that Vitis davidii! --Joe

  2. Helen these are phenomenal! That Clematis 'Multi-Blue' is stunning. Enjoyed the grass crashing over Rudbekia maxima.