Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bobbi Angell's Garden

Quite a few weeks back I visited my friend Bobbi Angell's garden. She is a botanical artist and illustrator and we met when she showed up to take an etching class at my studio. She now works there regularly churning out some of the most meticulously beautiful botanical etchings (to see her work click here). Not only do we share a love of printmaking, but we also share a love of gardening. She has traveled the world drawing plants in their native habitat, so she is a good one to ramble on about plants! She has a beautiful house in Marlboro, Vermont, on a steep hillside surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Her property is off the grid, hence the large solar panels. I like the poppies and digitalis springing up all around.

This Thalictrum flavum (possibly subsp. glaucum?) was one of the happiest, sturdiest specimens I've seen. It was so beautiful, billowy, blowing around in the wind with Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster.'

Bobbi clues me onto new plants each year, such as this white umbel, Orlaya grandiflora. The little star blues are Amsonia 'Blue Ice.'

I like the formal rose arbor surround by beautiful country.

Digitalis lutea with Stokesia laevis, a really nice combination.

Cerinthe major

Big wide stone path outlined in more wild plants, self seeders, and shrubs!

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