Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Peacock Garden

The Peacock Garden has been a continual show stopper since I arrived, with two signature plants swaying up there in the breeze: Thalictrum 'Elin' with Ferrula communis subsp. glauca. The nursery has officially sold out of this perfect Thalictrum, much to everyone's dismay- and there won't be more until next spring. It is a really good cultivar, each plant bears multiple stems that are tall and self supporting.

Here they are coming into flower, bright lime-yellow puffs emerging out of lavender shells. They get a little frothier every day.

A nice grass, Ampelodesmos mauritanicus, and a monotypic genus. It seems to get better as the days pass. It has been a terrific, jam packed, hard working and garden touring week. It is hot and dry here and I have been on sprinkler patrol, moving them around every hour or two for days on end. All that good watering pays off, the garden looks amazing- more and more so each day.

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  1. I love all that gorgeous thalictrum! Ours is just beginning too!