Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Flowers at Hidcote

 I am one of those people who has been somewhat halfhearted about Dahlias in the past. Recently, I am more appreciative and I have found the world of Dahlias to be vast and varied. For some reason, when I discover an unusual specimen, it makes me love the common, giant double-pink all the more! Pictured above is Dahlia coccinea, in deep burgundy red, with slender stems supporting small, single, silky flowers.

I couldn't quite get over the way that the light hit the vertical, crumpled edge of the Verbascum olympicum.

This is likely Gentiana acaulis, which is very similar to Gentiana clussii. There are subtle differences between the two plants, but I am guessing this one is acaulis based on the more rounded petals and the green stripes. It was blooming in a magnificent blue!

 Erodium chrysanthum seen flowering on the Rock Bank

A wee lady bird tucked in a white (campanula?) flower


  1. Dahlia coccinea is beautiful in how the bloom echos the stem. Amazing Gentian!

  2. ooohhhh that erodium- the petals look like fabric almost, like wedding dress silk! Maybe you should make a dress out of Erodium petals....

    Also the dessicated Verbascum is so beautiful. I just love withering plants!