Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glorious Disarray

After documenting such outstanding English gardens, it feels startling to suddenly show my unkempt, hedge-less, tiny New England garden. This is me, back to reality! I still cannot manage to cut down the garden. After the last snow storm it is now plastered to the earth, broken stems and grass blooms on the ground, but I keep walking by and admiring it anyway. Here I have tried to photograph it in a short minute of glory, when the late afternoon light pierced through the low lying clouds and illuminated the grasses, bent stems, crumpled foliage, and fraying seed heads.

The back-lit Miscanthus blooms glow in a blinding bright white.


  1. Beautiful moment! And grasses too.
    I live for those moments of sun in my garden; a perfect time to grab the camera and run before it is gone over the horizon.

  2. As beautiful as any English hedge, Helen!

  3. Always love Miscanthus. Its best time is winter and I love that top picture Helen.