Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Orchard Meadow

The Orchard Meadow is the most stunning meadow planting at Dixter. It is larger than the Topiary and front entrance meadows, but I think that its rolling downward slope that gradually gives way to the surrounding fields is what makes it so beautiful. Also it is packed to the brim with numerous Narcissus and these days they are at their peak performance. This is the place to sit at the end of the day and take it all in.  

Corylopsis spicata flowering in time with the daffodils. Reminds me of a similar combination at Gravetye Manor with the yellow azalea backed by a field of yellow daffodils. 

You can really see the shapes and sweeps of plantings

Looking up at the Long Border. The Primula 'Crescendo Bright Red' and the bronze red of the spirea really help set off the yellow.


  1. Helen,
    I have been loving all your posts! Thanks for taking the time to write them.

  2. So something out of a dream! If only we could all accomplish something to breathtaking!

  3. Beautiful... especially with the Corylopsis spicata.