Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sissinghurst at Sunset

On Thursday evening after work, seven of us from Great Dixter all went over to Sissinghurst to see the garden in all its springtime splendor. It was great to be there when the garden was closed to the public and to stroll the paths in the fading afternoon light. The head gardener, Alexis Datta, unlocked the gate and left us to roam freely through the garden. It was incredible!

A walk through the Nuttery

The Cottage Garden

Stachyurus chinensis 'Celina' in bloom, under planted with Erythronium toulumnense

The amazing roses, beautifully pruned into wonderful shapes and standing structures.

Ribes laurifolium, a scrambling shrub hangs behind the bright yellow cups of Scopolia podolica 'Hladnikiana'

It is hard to see, but in the background there is a magnificent white magnolia in absolute full flower. It was intensely fragrant, filling the air with scent. I had never seen such a floriferous magnolia before, blossoms up and down every single branch.

The Delos garden flush in scilla, anemones, and mauve hellebores

Sissinghurst has the most beautiful brick walls throughout the garden and they are covered with finely pruned trees, shrubs, and vines, such as this incredible Chaenomeles 'Knap Hill Scarlet.'

Clematis alpina 'Ruby'

The Moat

Looking up at the castle, across the daffodil filled orchard meadow


  1. The sun lite photos of the Nuttery and Delos gardens are stunning! Thank for sharing your visit!!

  2. I'm speechless in front of such beauty ! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These pictures are absolutely incredible Helen! What stunning light to catch.

  4. The Delos garden is spring simplicity at its best (especially with that lighting)!