Friday, March 23, 2012

Ranunculus ficaria

Ranunculus ficaria, also known as lesser celandine, is a weedy ephemeral thing with a bright yellow buttercup like flower. Christopher Lloyd discovered a dark leaved variant growing in his woods and he named it 'Brazen Hussy.' This dark leaf version is now available to many gardeners and I have even seen it growing in New Hampshire in Michael Gordon's garden. Yesterday, my task was to dig up all the Brazen Hussy I could find in the High Garden and bring it to the nursery. The nursery needed some for next year's stock and we wanted to clear an area to get it ready for planting.

Here the ranunculus is dug and laid in soil trays. We placed soil on top and set them out in the nursery to go dormant. Next year it will sprout in early spring and it will be potted up for sale.

This is a variety called 'Copper Knob' which is more bronze and looks like a fried egg.
 No one seems to like it nearly as much, but I like the orange of it. Fergus says we have to keep it just for its name.

The same patch of 'Copper Knob' closing up its petals for the night.

Daffodils in the Orchard Meadow back lit by the setting sun.

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  1. I like 'Copper knob' also!... but anytime you find splotchy marks people in general do not seem to like it.

    How fun to have such a part to play in this garden. Thanks for sharing it!