Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden

There have been a few events in the garden lately, including the Westminster Cares fundraiser, a wedding, and garden club tours and we have all been working hard to make it look just right!  July rounded the corner and I found myself looking up from whatever I was doing and really seeing the garden and it would catch my breath each time. It looks so beautiful right now!

The Long Borders
These borders get better and better as the season moves forward.

The Brick Walk

A close up of Sorbaria sorbifolia in bloom. This is a shrub I noticed in England in March because its new foliage is so beautifully bronzy.


  1. The Long Borders are looking splendid! Is that a bee on the Sorbaria?

  2. Hi Hellen, I saw your comment on my blog on Quinn's apt- thanks for checking it out! I see you are also have a sweet blog and live close by- I live these pics of the Hayward's garden... i have one of thier books and went on a tour last year....

    Nice to "meet" you~ Desha

  3. p.s. here's a post on my garden last year...