Monday, July 11, 2011

Kristian Fenderson's Garden


 On Saturday I ventured to Acworth, New Hampshire to attend a garden tour.  The tour included the renown private garden of Kristian Fenderson, a garden designer, plantsman, and author of A Synoptic Guide to the Genus Primula. I had been told that his plant collection was spectacular and I was still astounded by the sheer abundance of unusual plants in such an incredible garden. The trees and shrubs were superb, there were so many different types of beech trees, many of them weeping varieties, fabulous conifers, late blooming azaleas, evergreen rhododendrons, and countless deciduous, flowering shrubs- all under planted with incredible herbaceous woodland specimens. Not to mention his incredible collection of primula, many in full bloom this July! Anyone remotely interested in plants was in heaven!

Blue Spruce with a honeysuckle scrambling through it, the purple smoke bush (Cotinus coggygira) and the white blooming Hydrangea paniculata (looks like 'Tardiva'?) in back.

A wonderful vignette of texture, shape, color, and layered planting.

The persicarias giving a good show! Persicaria amplexicaulis in front of Persicaria polymorpha.


So many different conifers!

Magnolia sieboldii! I was wandering through the garden with two friends and I wanted to go back through the woodland section to revisit a few lovely plants and then we stumbled across this magnificent specimen that we had missed the first time around.

Actaea racemosa, a New England native and was used throughout the woodland garden.

Another lovely scene! The red fruit belongs to Actaea rubra, again a native threading its way throughout the garden.


  1. Helen,
    A great post on an amazing garen. I haven't been there in several years but I should return soon.

  2. Lucky you, Helen! I have been wanting to see this garden for quite some time and, if it was open on a garden tour, it looks like I missed yet another opportunity--Joe

  3. That Magnolia is so good, what a spot!