Monday, July 11, 2011

The Martinet-Dimoglou Garden

The Acworth garden tour also included the private garden of Nina Dimoglou and Pierre D. Martinet, which featured a rather incredible water feature by British designer Marc Laurence. The plantings were designed by Kristian Fenderson and I thought they were excellent. However, Nina Dimoglou is a remarkable plants woman herself and as I was the last guest of the day, she graciously showed me some of her favorite plants.

Asclepias tuberosa

This seems to be a hot plant right now as it was in most of the gardens I saw on Saturday (I also purchased one myself only a few weeks ago) and it is stunning!

Ascelpias incarnata as a landing pad for the beloved Swallowtail butterfly.

An unusual Oenothera

Clematis tangutica 'Bill MacKenzie'

The incredible seed head of 'Bill Mackenzie'


I have read about this plant, but have not consciously crossed its orbit until now. A genus of many different species and I did not catch the name of this one, but what beautiful form, foliage, and flower!

This is a remarkable specimen of Clethra (I think it is barbinervis?). It is a small tree and the bark peels in a way that is reminiscent of a Stewartia. It has thick, large, leathery leaves and a beautiful, rather upright flower.

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