Friday, August 26, 2011

The Garden of Plenty

My mother is a great gardener and she gave me my first introduction to flower and vegetable gardening at a fairly young age. The gardens and flowers look as much a part of the natural landscape as the rocks and the trees which is a great testament to working with the land. Her one acre back yard is a haven and everytime I go home I am in awe of all her work.

One of the first flowers I learned, Love- in- the- Mist (Nigella damascena) and has been in her garden forever! I think those seed heads are incredible.

A great entrance garden edging a stone path to the house.

The veg garden

This is her new shrub garden and she calls it her Putney Garden because so many of the shrubs came from very small cuttings from my garden. She continues to fill it with all the lovely herbaceous plants.

Cephalaria gigantea

This glorious plant is planted in front of the barn and I was exclaiming about its great beauty and my mom said, "You know who really loves this plant?" I guessed some friends and she said, "No, the bees!" So here they are, the most admiring of the Cephalaria.