Friday, August 19, 2011

Plants at Thuja

Hunnemannia fumariifolia 'Sunlight'
Mexican Tulip Poppy

I enjoyed all the stately Salvias, particularly this tall pink-red one, Salvia involucrata 'Bethellii.'
Actaea simplex 'White Pearl' and Rudbekia nitida 'Herbstonne' rising up in the back ground. Rudbekia nitida is synonymous with R. lacinata (though some think 'Herbstonne' is a hybrid between the two sepcies) and 'Herbstonne' is synonymous with 'Sutumn Sun.' Amazing stuff.

Lobelia x speciosa 'Compliment Series'
This Lobelia is a cross of various species Lobelia including cardinalis and syphilitca. The compliment series is a mixture of different colors which were grown in the cutting garden and this color was selected for the garden.

The pink globe flower is Gomphrena globosa 'Fireworks' intermingled with the Verbena bonariensis, which also has a similar firework-look.

Penstemon hartwegii 'Tubular Bell Mix'

Antirrhinum majus 'Opus Apple Blossom'
Priscilla had only the best things to say about the Opus Series Snapdragons.

Agastache mexicana 'Alcapulco Salmon and Pink'
This was its second year as a perennial and it was lovely.

Trachymene caereulo
Blue Lace Flower


  1. Good lord that yellow poppy is incredible!

  2. Helen, I loved your series on Mount Desert! I can't wait to return there next month and see some of these lovely gardens again!--Joe