Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Bouquets

I recently grew, picked, and arranged flowers for the wedding of some dear friends. I ended up arranging 4 sap buckets, 5 large table arrangements, and 54 small table arrangements- all from flowers grown in my garden! It turns out that it is very difficult photographing bouquets, so most of these shots are close ups of flower combinations. The above photo is of all the flowers picked, ready to go, in the middle of my garden.

One of the large sap buckets arranged around the glorious sunflower!

A more formal sap bucket arrangement, very bridal!

A large bouquet using the de-petaled flower heads of Echinecea.

I pulled all the leaves off crab apple stems and added them to this hot-color arrangement.

Small vases decorating the tables.

First ever boutonniere

A bad picture of the bridal bouquet, using stems from the shrub clematis.


  1. Oh Helen! These are so beautiful! I wish I could have been there to see them in person! I particularly love the use of the crab apple.

    Looking forward to see you soon - even if it is under slightly stressed circumstances. xox

  2. Helen these are superb! Particularly keen on the boutonniere.