Monday, June 13, 2011

American Yellowwood

Cladrastis kentukea

This is a spectacular tree, native in the southern united states in scattered and small populations. Under cultivation it survives to Zone 4, though it is an uncommon tree. There is one planted at the Berg's as well as at Gordon and Mary's. It is a smallish tree with a very attractive habit and the blossoms are deliciously fragrant and reminds me of sweet peas. The most incredible thing about the Yellowwood is that it only blooms every two (or in some cases every four) years. This year, both trees are blooming which makes me wonder if all the trees bloom in the same years?



  1. I have grown a yellowwood tree from seed collected at Bartrams garden in Philadelphia. (Not an easy task - requiring 24 hours of boiling seed!) This was many years ago and the tree now stands about 12 feet tall but has yet to bloom. It might be taller if a deer had not rubbed horns a few years ago! The original tree at bartrams is a monster in height and glorious!!!

  2. What an amazing story, I am sure the day it blooms will be a happy day! Thanks for the comment!