Thursday, June 16, 2011


Penstemon digitalis 'Husker's Red'

I am a big fan of all penstemon and I have been collecting a few different kinds in my own garden. They are all blooming presently (or are in bud) and tonight as the light was fading I went out and patiently photographed them all. Over the past years many penstemon babies have appeared in my beds and I am letting them all grow and I am wondering if any will cross?

This was the first penstemon given to me by a friend and I do not know its name. It looks a lot like the P. digitalis, without the red leaf.

Penstemon heterphyllus

This is an alpine treasure that is low growing, likes it hot and dry, and has delicate feathery blue leaves.

Penstemon digitalis 'Dark Towers'

This one has much darker foliage than 'Husker's Red' and its bloom is quite pink. It also seems to stand upright a little bit better.

Penstemon barbatus 'Iron Maiden' 

Recently purchased from a great nursery called Morning Star in Rockingham, Vermont.


  1. Thanks Kathryn! Next time you come for a visit I will send you home with some of those penstemon seedlings!