Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lady's Slipper

Cyperpedium acaule

These incredible orchids are one of New England's most precious wild flowers. The last time I saw one was when I was a child in the woods behind my house in Maine. If the flowers are picked, the plant will not regenerate and I imagine that it is for this reason that it is considered an endangered or vulnerable plant in many states. However, its range is large! It is found from the southern United States to northern Canada and near to the Arctic Circle. This plant also requires fungus to grow and therefore does not transplant heartily. So where ever you find this plant, do drop to your knees in order to take in its heavenly fragrance. It might just be the perfect scent.


  1. Ah...the last one I saw in Maine was in that back yard in the woods...I was so sad when they stopped growing there....I think the deer took them out.
    I will drop to my knees the next time I happen upon one and pray for its beauty.

  2. Helen, thanks for these great shots! Don't you just love Lady's Slippers? And, isn't it a wonderful surprise to come upon these on woodland walks? I just had an e-mail this week from a gardening friend who gave me the location of a site where she discovered 59 Lady's Slippers growing close together. Of course, I immediately jumped in the truck to go see this wonderful find! --Joe