Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Late Flowering Bulbs

Brodiaea corrina (Syn. Triteleia corrina)

I went out on a limb last fall and purchased two types of late flowering bulbs both rated to zone six. This spring, I have been watching their tender stalks emerge and have been wondering what it was that I had planted, exactly? Today the Calochortus opened its first flower and I was thrilled; not only to discover who it was, but also to find it as beautiful as I imagined.

Calochortus luteus 'Golden Orb'


  1. not unlike being a parent...thrilling and more beautiful than imagined

  2. Helen, I ever heard of either of these but need to try Brodiaea corrin.

  3. Hi Michael!
    Both choices are excellent and they made it through the Putney winter...