Thursday, October 27, 2011

Churchill's Chartwell

The next stop on our English gardening tour was Chartwell, Winston Churchill's home and grounds. The place had a park-like feel, landscaping and tree planting on a grand scale, with tasteful gardens, terraces, and pathways winding through the landscape. It was an enchanting place and we all certainly felt like we were close to greatness. The spirit of Churchill was alive and well here! He was quite the creative man in his gardening endeavors, but he was also a painter. We strolled through his studio with his canvases hung to the rafters! 

Romneya coulteri
Tree Poppy

Argeranthemum 'Mary Wootton'
This was a pretty great mum and I saw it again and again in other gardens.

Looking down to the rose and cutting garden.

Eucryphia x intermedia

This was definitely my favorite part of the garden because it held the most interesting plants and planting combinations. This is a recent project for Jamie, a National Trust Careership student studying and working at Chartwell. He extended a narrow bed along this wall and designed a north facing winter interest garden. It was still early in its development, but the bones were good and the plants choice! I loved standing at the top and looking down the long sweep of the bed. 

The fluffy seed heads of a lush, scrambling clematis (possibly 'Bill McKenzie'?)

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  1. Hi Helen. I write the garden blog here at Chartwell ( and I'm thinking of writing a post about other bloggers who have visited Chartwell and blogged about it. Would it be OK for me to include this post? Also, would you be willing to write a few words about why you came and what you thought of Chartwell etc?