Sunday, October 30, 2011

Plants at Sissinghurst

 Cobea scandens 'Alba'

It was remarkable just how many plants were flowering this late October in England, particularly amazing today when I look out at the snowy world of Vermont. With the warm dry fall in England, many of these plants were coming around for a second bloom at the end of the season. The above plant is blooming as it always does, at the very tail end of the season before frost.

Smilacina stellata seen fruited up in the woodland walk.

Leonotis nepetafolia 'Staircase'
There were even some eager bees burrowing themselves in this late summer flower.

Tropaeolum tuberosum 'Ken Aslet' scrambling up the yew pillars.

Incarvillea sinensis 'Cheron'

Clematis 'Mrs Cholmondeley'


Filipendula palmata 'Elegantissima'
I loved the foliage on this plant!

Scampering up the tower wall was this lovely, yellow, fragrant, climbing rose called 'Mermaid.'

Alogyne huegelii 'Santa Cruz'
Just as we were leaving we passed the pots at the front gate and this flower almost knocked me over!


  1. We really must get hold of some of that Tropaeolum, what a plant!

  2. The Tropaeolum is really different... and so stunning against the dark yews! (I am assuming they are the ones in the CG.)

    The Alogyne is something I have not seen before. Fun shape in one of my favorite garden colors. Its foliage looks really nice too!