Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pashley Manor

After touring Merriments we traveled over to Pashley Manor. What I loved the most was how the garden seemed to be an extension of the house, but I did not take one picture of the building! So you will have to use your imagination.  The grounds had a mysterious air, with secret gardens, silent woodland walks, vines clambering over walls and shrubs, as well as a beautiful pair of testy black swans. 

There were numerous sculptures placed throughout the garden. Here are three Giacommeti-esque female bathers looking back towards the Manor.

The rose garden leading to the kitchen garden was splendid. Here is a wonderful bench backed by the glorious Sedum 'Autumn Joy.'

The rose garden with boxy hedges perpendicularly interrupting the long view.

Deb and I loved the rose/herb garden here and we immediately started thinking about incorporating some of these ideas in her garden. This particular detail is stunning! I love how the grape scrambles out of the boxwood, curving into an archway, while the espalier fruit trees rise straight up through the lower hedge.

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  1. Beautiful photos, all. I especially like the hedge with anemones down to the pond and your angle of the rose garden.

    And you are right! Having the higher fruit come out of the box is a wonderful idea... not something I have seen before. Maybe add a not-too-vigorous clematis on the arch for early summer? Beautiful.