Friday, October 28, 2011

The First Snow

Before I go on about my perfect English gardening trip, I thought I would interject with a few snowy shots from home. It started to snow yesterday afternoon and I came home and frantically ran around the garden digging up my tender plants and throwing all my pots indoors. We hadn't really had a first frost yet, so these poor plants were feeling the one-two of the cold and the snow!

This picture was taken last night and the Miscanthus stood tall, but this morning is is flattened by the icy snow.

It seems to take all summer for the Cobea vine to ready itself for flowering and when it finally does the snow descends! The others were deep purple, but this one looked pearly white only a day or two ago. It now hangs its head under the burden of cold.

Early morning sunrise over the distant, snow tipped hills.

1 comment:

  1. Disturbing scenes, I am not looking forward to winter! The sight of that poor Cobaea on its last legs is very sad indeed.