Thursday, April 28, 2011

Juniper Hill Farm

Today Sarah and I went to Peterborough, New Hampshire to see three VERY nice gardens (all arranged by Gordon, thank you!) Each garden was different from the next, but all were very inspiring. I felt like I was in England again, just by going around looking at great gardens, designs, and plants! All the gardens showed signs of English (and even specifically Hidcote) influences in the structures, planting schemes, and plant material. I was very impressed by how green the gardens were with all the evergreen and conifer plants.

Juniper Hill Farm is Joe Valentine's garden in Francestown, New Hampshire and it is truly a wonderful garden. (Please check out his blog too! Joe spent an hour or so walking Sarah and I around his beautiful garden and property. I was so impressed by his evergreen planting scheme and plant collection, this garden has some great bones! I was also equally impressed with how well the house itself was incorporated into the design as well as the surrounding landscape- oh the wonderful New England forests and fields!

A charming detail on the raised kitchen garden beds.

The glorious Aubreita that jumped ship from a pot and now survives happily in the crevice of a rock. This is the very same plant blooming in all the walls in the Cotswolds.

This is a winner of a ground cover Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. ssp. minus
To read more, please see Joe's blog where he has already posted about this terrific plant!

A view looking out to the pastures and forest's edge.

Rock wall covered in evergreens. Joe has an amazing collection of Japanese Maples, which must be glorious leafed out.

Amazing colors! This is where Joe puts his succulent collection in the summer months.

Blue spruce with Alcamilla alipina

Gordon brought Joe pictures of the gazebos at Hidcote and from these photographs Joe built himself his own gazebo. I think he really got the lines right, especially the roof. Joe will travel to Hidcote this May and see it for himself.

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  1. Helen,
    What a nice post about Joe and Paula's garden. Joe should be quite pleased with his gazebo when he sees the real deal in May. The red barn sure looks great in April. I think they have every Zone 5 boxwood known to man in that garden which is a blessing this time of year!