Friday, April 8, 2011


Leucojum has been at the front of my brain these past few days. It is quite similar to snowdrops (Galanthus) and yesterday we discovered some nestled in amongst the snowdrop bank at Gordon and Mary's. Then this morning I read a chapter on Leucojum in Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowds book, Our Life in Gardens ( I highly recommend this book to anyone who simply loves plants!) THEN this afternoon I found the Leucojum pictured above (the same one I saw at the Hayward's yeaterday) blooming in the Woodland Garden at Peter and Teddy Berg's garden in Walpole, New Hampshire. What I read this morning is that there are two common species (that happen to be native to European boggy meadows, while the remaining 8 or so other species are native to the hot and dry Mediterrean climate). I believe that the one above is L. vernum, early blooming, while the later blooming, much taller relative is L. aestivum (which I posted a picture of it in an earlier post, having seen it blooming the last day I was at Hidcote.)

L. aestivum in the Stream Garden at Hidcote.

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