Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Wonders

Today I came home from a glorious day gardening and saw these little gem's flowering in my garden (they were not blooming this morning!) I did not even recall planting them, but now I remember Amah giving me the bulbs last summer. I remember plunking them in and thinking that they might not take, but they did! What a joy to find them and to think of Amah, who passed away last November and is dearly missed by all who knew her.

A tangle of a Oxalis (yeah!) and Heuchera in my garden.
Correction: The Oxalis is actually Trifolium repens 'Autopureum.' Although in the above photograph it looks like there are only three leaves, each stem does in fact have four.

The first daffodils! This is a little hot spot at the Putney Tavern gardens.

The Sempervivum trough at the Berg's. It looks good all year round, especially now when we are hungry for any sign of life!

An amazing mossy-thing clinging to the side of the trough.

Beloved moss bed (not a weed in New England!)

I thought this grass, left standing all winter, looked kind of incredible right now, a bit creature like! These grasses will be the first thing we cut when we get back to work.

An opening into the Foundation Garden at the Berg's Garden. It was beautiful to walk around and really see all the structure of the garden- from the stone work to the trees and shrubs. A lovely day all in all.

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