Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today, in Vermont

Here are some early yellow blooming crocus in Gordon and Mary Hayward's garden. Mary tells me that these creamy yellow ones are the first to come up, before the purple and gold. They are wonderfully fragrant and we inhaled their scent during our late morning coffee break. The sun was out and as warm as I felt in England. The snow is receding and the earth is turning greener and greener by the minute.

Cleaned up and tidy around the pool at the Hayward's garden.

The view from my doorstep this VERY early morning. We had a heavy frost and low, icy fog.

Sunset from the same spot looking West. The sky was crystal clear and cool. Something about this early spring has felt a lot like the fall!

A headstand on the Cedar Lawn at Hidcote.

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