Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend I went to Cornwall to visit two great gardens. The first one was Caerhays and it was literally paradise. The garden is only open from February to June, so by late March it was in peak season. The entire garden was a jungle of hundreds of magnolias, camellias, and rhododendrons in full bloom! Everything was lush and blooming and the air was intensely fragrant- It was amazing.

Camellia x Williamsii 'Francis Hanger'
(reminded me of the flower on Stewartia pseudocamellia)

Magnolia sargentii 'Robusta'

Magnolia buds in front of emerging Acer leaves.

This was one of the most amazing parts of the entire garden. A very early clematis (possibly a pink armandii? It was evergreen and had a similar flower) blooming with a camellia. The look was very similar to the classic rose and clematis combination that happens in summer. It was thrilling to see it happening early spring on evergreen plants.

Daffodils under planted beneath giant rhododendrons.

Magnolia x Wieseneri

As I was off trail wandering along a closed pathway, I suddenly emerged on a hillside, looking down on this glowing beauty. I kind of imagined being in China and suddenly coming upon this incredible specimen. It seemed like this plant was planted to its greatest advantage. The air was full of its scent and I started dreaming up ways to grow this magnificent tree in Vermont.

From under the tree looking out.

This was another favorite part of the garden. One the left is Acer negundo 'violaceum', in the middle is Magnolia Sargentina 'Robusta' x (same as one previously, but crossed with) Sprengeri diva 'JC Williams', and on the right is Magnolia kern kobus var. Toebneri 'Merrill.'
I could live with that....

Two close up pictures of the middle magnolia. It was an amazing specimen.

More daffs!

Did I mention the car park for Caerhays was on the beach? It really was paradise. I will share my Sunday's adventures tomorrow!


  1. Hello Lovely Lady--

    I just caught up on your blog. What gorgeous photos! You're a lucky girl to be amidst (and creating) so much beauty over there. I'm thinking about you A LOT lately. I keep thinking of calling you and then remembering you're still away. It looks like it's been an amazing experience so far! Good luck with the opening and beyond. Call me when you get home!!


  2. Oh, it's so wonderful Helen! After many frustrating attempts to find this, then being away for weeks, I contacted Jen and she hooked me up to your oh so beautiful record of this amazing trip. I'm soaking it all up vicariously!!! Enjoy your last days...we'll be back to work in no time!!!
    I miss you so much. xoxox laurie