Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Saw The Queen!

I saw THE Queen on Friday afternoon.

I went on an adventure to Strafford-Upon-Avon, birthplace of Shakespheare and home of the Shakespeare theater. I actually did not like the town all that much, compared to Chipping Camden and all the small medieval villages around, Strafford seemed busy and modern. BUT I went and wandered the streets, sort of restlessly, bought some vegetables at an open market. The men who sold me the vegetables proceeded to tease me about having "had a sit with the Queen". All week the volunteers in the garden have been mentioning that the Queen was due to arrive sometime soon to open the newly reconstructed Shakespheare theater, so I made the connection that the Queen was nearby but thought nothing of it. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I decided I had had enough of the "big" city and wanted to get back to Hidcote and wander the garden. So I mad3e a beeline for the car. I got to a very busy rotary and was making a plan to cross when I saw a little old man in the middle of the rotary waiting for cars to stop. I joined him there thinking that the cars would stop for him. All of a sudden a police man on a motocycle came right up to us with his hand out telling (I though us) to stop. My heart started beating because I thought we were in trouble for jaywalking or something (we were definitely in the middle of two lanes of traffic), but he was telling all the other cars to stop. He let us pass and all of a sudden I thought, "Oh my god, the Queen is coming." Sure enough, the Queen and her entourage passed! She was wearing a bright pink coat and a hat and she gave a little wave (to the intersection and all the dumbstruck people) and off she went!

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