Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Countryside

I have arrived at Hidcote! These two pictures were taken on a walk in the country around Hidcote. There are many public pathways running all over the countryside and you weave through farmlands and hillsides. There are all these little gates and occasionally there is a sign and it is very easy to loose track of which direction you are headed. So I easily lost the trail and started following a sheep trail, not realizing it until I was under a massive pine tree on a very steep slope. I then proceeded to find my way back, jumping over numerous fences until I finally hit a road and luckily started walking in the right direction. That evening I settled into my room and today I had my first work day. The gardeners are all incredibly friendly and welcoming. I spent the day in one small area of the garden, raking, weeding, pruning, and even planting! I will post some photographs tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Helen...of course the gardeners are friendly....how could anyone not like you! Jen said the landscape was very very GREEN...

    I'm very happy you are such a plant name dropper...and you can even spell them! I think all plants should have names like the gray oatmeal daisy, the dandy rose and steven's flower. See what you can do.