Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sezincote House and Garden

On Friday afternoon, I visited Sezincote. The name derives from Chisencote meaning 'home of the oaks.' In the early 1800's Charles Cokerell inherited the estate from his father and had an Indian inspired house built. Unfortunately the house was under major scaffolding, but I have included many pictures of the gardens. The colors, ornamentation, and the water features were most impressive.

Above: picture looking over the bridge, notice the presence of the three primary colors with a deep evergreen backdrop!

The stone path is laid under the bridge, through the stream. There is a bench to the left to sit on and look out to the garden in both directions, upstream and downstream. This is definitely one of the nicest water features I have seen. Clematis vine hangs over the openings.

An upstream view of the bridge.

The rock work is covered in moss and ferns giving it the appearance that it is quite old.

Another nice water feature, from the top of the garden looking down.

Below a picture of the old conservatory.

A wonderful specimen tree, but I don't know what it is. Maybe a witch hazel?

A view looking out from the house.

Elephants and another water feature.

This gate surrounded the house (which was a soft, orange colored, sandstone). I LOVE the two colors together.

Another lovely view.

What I loved about this stream garden was how well planned the whole thing felt. It was designed on the scale of a park and there was an impressive and varied large tree canopy. All I could imagine, as a gardener, was planting the small, young trees and trying to envision them full grown two hundred years later. What an amazing foresight.

This is the larch, looking up into its canopy.

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