Monday, March 14, 2011

The Most Recent Things

I am pretty sure that the above plant is Anemonella thalictroides which is one of my favorite plants ever (and that halfheartedly suffers along in my own garden). It is basically the combination of two other favorite plants. It has a flower resembling an Anemone, but foliage resembling a thalictrum. The reason I am not entirely sure that I have properly identified this plant, is because I have never seen such a large and robust patch!

White blooming Muscari at the end of the Rose Walk.

An interesting and very unusual view of the Stilt Garden from the gazebo facing the long walk looking back over the wall.

This is a picture of the hedge we planted last week. The idea is to block the view of the field from this vantage point half way up the path so that it is suddenly revealed to you when you reach the top of the path.

Looking down the line of the hedge. It was quite the project!

This amazing plant, still hanging onto its fruit from last year, is a berberis. After doing some research I think it is Berberis jamesiana. It is amazing and the birds love it!

This is the before and after view of the Poppy Garden, where I have been working all week pruning hydrangeas, weeding, raking, digging out old roses and stinging nettle. Today we finally finished after days of work. It doesn't look as dramatic as it feels!!

A great picture showing the inter planted yew and box hedge.

Rhododendron Fargesii
(I posted a picture of this same plant in bud 2 weeks ago)

An amazing plant. Originally thought it was a Berginia, but have been unable to confirm this. Now I am wondering what else it could be? The mysteries continue.

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  1. I am sure that our Anemonella thalictroides will look just like this is a year or two. You have to believe!