Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden, Blockley

I have arrived home in Vermont! It was VERY difficult pulling myself away from Hidcote, just as everything was really starting to happen, but it is wonderful to come home. Honestly, the state of the garden at home is not as bad as I anticipated. In fact, there were a few signs of life poking through the ground (which will be heavily featured next post, I am sure).

These following pictures were taken on Sunday when I met Paul Williams (English gardener and designer) for a tour of Gordon and Mary Hayward's private garden in Blockley (an adorable village very near to Hidcote). Paul Williams and his co- gardener friend Colin, met me for coffee at the little cafe in town and they were extraordinarily friendly, generous, and extremely excited about gardening!

The garden was very small, but perfectly maintained and every square inch counted! It was packed full of little treasures and it was wonderful for me to finally see this garden that I have seen photographs of and heard so much about.

Beautiful Calla lily foliage.

The beloved Fritillaria melagris in bud!

I loved this combination of plants, the peony stalks coming through the speckled leaves of the pulmonaria with the yellow-green Euonymus (fortunei?) behind it.

I asked Paul for the name of this plant because I have been noticing it everywhere, but had not come across its name! He told me and I promptly forgot. It has beautiful feathery foliage that is pinky-lime colored and I think it is marvelous.

After working with Gordon today, he informed me that it is Sorbaria sorbifolia AND there is one planted in his garden in Vermont, which I have always admired and thought so exotic!

I could not resist this little Aubretia blooming in the walls across for the house. This plant is blooming on every wall in all of the Cotswolds and it is stunning enough to nearly make me drive off the road every time I pass it!

There is that lovely combination of Euphorbia and Brunnera again.

A view of a Cornus (not Acer as I initially thought). It was a lovely garden and I was so happy to see it!

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