Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Days 'Till Opening

It is three days before the garden officially opens. The biggest projects are done and the whole team is moving through the garden, tidying up the last bits. Today I was given the task of pruning a wisteria, rose, and honeysuckle that had been growing together for many years. I was up on the ladder most of the day, untangling the dead and pruning all the stems back to live, healthy buds. It was a very satisfying job.

Above: an emerging Bergenia

Bright red new growth of a geranium.

These are the Cordylines overwintering in the Greenhouse. Once danger of frost has passed, they will be moved out into the Red Borders.

Annuals propagated or grown from seed.


Clematis armandii blooming in the greenhouse. This is an evergreen clematis that blooms late winter or early spring.

A long view looking through Mrs. Winthrop's garden and down the the Wilderness garden.

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  1. Helen I sure hope you love being you. I love your posts. The earth sings from your touch, the plants are your notes...Love is The Deal