Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Walk to Hidcote Boyce

It has been a very busy week in the garden and I have been so tired that I haven't made time to post. But the highlights included a trip to the Evesham hospital! I cut my hand on a pruning saw and had to go see the medics. It was exactly opposite the horrible experiences I have had going to the hospital in the States. I wasn't asked for any identification, did not have to fill out any forms, and did not have to wait for more than 2 minutes to be seen. I was a little embarrassed to go through the whole ordeal for a fairly minor cut (there is a protocol at Hidcote and they had to send me), but it was remarkable to experience the National Heath Service.

This week Hidcote had 13 extra volunteers on something called Work Holiday. With over 25 people in the garden everyday, an incredible amount of work was accomplished. I spent all week pruning hydrangeas and then planting a native mixed plant hedge with a few other gardeners. It was a very hard working and satisfying week with great projects. We planted a native hedge with over 500 bare root saplings with a mixture of 9 different species of plants. Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hazel, Spindel (Euonymus), Crab apple, Rock rose, Viburnum, Holly, and Cornus alba. I will work on getting the exact species on these shrubs and I will show pictures of this amazing project next time I am out in the garden with a camera.


Sunset leaving Hidcote Boyce

Early tulips!

a beautiful chicken

Sunflowers in a field along the walk from Hidcote Batrim to Hidcote Boyce.

Another view across the fields.

Picture of the entrance court yard with massive wisteria vines.

Another wonderful daphnae

Tree peony unfurling.

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  1. Amazing...and nice to know another country has figured out how to take care of people when they need a little doctoring up...hope you mend well and I missed your days off from posting.